Factor de crecimiento para el área perioral // Growth Factor for perioral area. Dr. Francisco Llano

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Starts:  Oct 12, 2023 12:01 AM (FR)
Ends:  Oct 19, 2023 11:59 PM (FR)

Factor de crecimiento para el área perioral // Growth Factor for perioral area. Dr. Francisco Llano

In this presentation, taken from AMWC Latin America 2022, Dr. Francisco Llano discusses use of growth factor in the perioral area. The video will be released in both languages (English and Spanish). Topics covered include:

Holistic Approach: Dr. Llano advocates for a holistic approach to medicine, considering the interconnections within the body.

Diagnostic Techniques: Dr. Llano highlights the significance of diagnostic tests, such as blood tests, to assess patients' health. The speaker suggests looking at various factors like vitamin levels, hormones, and proteins to understand patients' conditions comprehensively.

Integrative Medicine: Dr. Llano talks about applying integrative methods to prevent and treat degenerative diseases.

Impact of Lifestyle: Dr. Llano video emphasizes the impact of lifestyle choices, such as diet and exposure to blue light from screens, on skin health. Poor dietary choices are discussed.

Cellular Aging: Dr. Llano decrypts cellular aging processes, including the role of telomeres and the decline in the body's ability to absorb proteins and nutrients as people age.

Role of Growth Factors: Human epidermal growth factors and cytokines are highlighted for their role in controlling cellular cycles, promoting growth, and renewing tissues. These factors are discussed in the context of their use in medical treatments.

Challenges and Considerations: The speaker discusses challenges faced, such as patients' adherence to prescribed diets and treatments. Ensuring the optimal environment for fibroblasts, crucial cells for tissue health, is emphasized.

Don’t miss out! We will release the original presentation in Spanish, as well as a video with English Interpretation.

Available from 12 October to 19 October.

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