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What’s New in the World of Injectables

By The Aesthetic GUIDE posted May 30, 2023 08:31 PM


Since bovine collagen was approved by the FDA for cosmetic injection in 1981, cosmetic injectables have become a cornerstone of today’s aesthetic treatments. They also serve as a segue to future cosmetic procedures for patients who are looking for more preventative measures or to enhance their facial features with a low-risk, affordable option and little downtime.

“What we are able to accomplish nonsurgically is, to me, miraculous,” stated Audrey Rose, NP, the CEO and founder of Audrey Rose Institute (Boca Raton, Fla.). “I use injectables for full facial balancing and contouring. First, I might treat the temples, cheeks, undereye or nose, and then complete the full facial rejuvenation by augmenting and contouring the lower face with liquid frontoplasty, jawline rejuvenation and/or chin rejuvenation,” she shared. “It is quite amazing that someone can come in without a chin, for example, and with relatively low risk walk out with a chin.”

New Products

With today’s patients demanding injectables that are safe and proven effective, the bar continues to be raised with new products, new indications and improved results.

According to cosmetic surgeon Alexander Rivkin, MD, founder of Rivkin Westside Aesthetics (Beverly Hills, Calif.) “Allergan products, as a whole, are the best researched and studied injectables on the market. The company has invested an immense number of resources in pivotal clinical trials, expanding indications and post market research studies, establishing the safety and efficacy of their product line. To me, that translates into an assurance of reliability.

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