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Talent & Techniques: Nonsurgical Lid-Lifting Solution Improves Overall Periorbital Rejuvenation and Function

By The Aesthetic GUIDE posted Apr 25, 2023 05:46 PM


I am an ophthalmologist who knew early on in my training that I wanted to become an oculoplastic surgeon. I became familiar with pathology and the periorbital area anatomy and function, and then moved into the aesthetic aspects of oculoplastics.

My current practice is half functional – from repairing issues caused by trauma and cancers, to aging and even correcting overaggressive surgery or injections. I see the good, the bad and the ugly! I have found that patients feel more comfortable and confident with surgeons who know the anatomy of the ocular area surgically, not just superficially. I pride myself on providing patients with natural looking results. I do not want them to look like they were “done” with 20 cc of injectables – I want them to look well rested. If you come to me, your friends will not know what you did, they will just know that you look great.

Common Mistakes

I believe that, generally speaking, using fillers periorbitally can be too aggressive. Fillers have a place around the eye but correcting this area to perfection often leads to a bad outcome. Not every flaw that we see needs to be addressed, and not every wrinkle should be ‘toxed’. We have that natural anatomy for a reason. I most commonly see patients that are overfilled around their lower eye and tear trough, causing them to appear swollen and tired, and eventually worse than when they started.

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