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From the Pages of Prime: State-of-the-Art Treatment Modalities for Cellulite – A Comprehensive Review

By The Aesthetic GUIDE posted Apr 25, 2023 05:54 PM


A recent article published in PRIME Journal sought to provide practitioners with an overview of studies examining a variety of therapeutic options aimed at reducing the appearance of cellulite based on research and evaluation conducted by Sachin Shridharani, MD and Joshua Kohan, BA.

The following is an excerpt from the original published work. The full article can be accessed on the PRIME Journal website.

BACKGROUND: Cellulite is a multifactorial condition characterized by a dimpled, ‘orange peel’ appearance of the skin and is associated with histologic changes in the dermis, adipose tissue and fibrous septae.1 The etiology of cellulite has not yet been fully elucidated; however, the efficacy of treatment strategies targeting fibrous septae suggests that these structures play a significant role in its development.1

Estimates suggest that cellulite affects approximately 80% to 90% of post-pubertal women of all races.2 No direct associations with morbidity or mortality have been identified, leading to the consideration of cellulite as a secondary gender-related characteristic of females rather than a disease process or pathological state. However, aesthetic concerns remain closely related to physical and psychological wellbeing.3 In regions of the world where there is more frequent body exposure, up to 80% of individuals have reported feeling pressure to seek cellulite treatment.4 These treatments have targeted some combination of adipose tissue, dermis, and fibrous septae, with varying degrees of success.1

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