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Hot Products in 2023

By The Aesthetic GUIDE posted Apr 14, 2023 05:51 PM


With aesthetic medicine trending towards advancements in treatments that are less invasive yet effective, this month’s Hot Products feature will showcase those that stand out with exciting technologies that benefit both physicians and patients.

Injectables have never been easier with needles that contribute to patient comfort and safety. Highly sophisticated lasers not only improve the look and quality of the patients’ skin with targeted treatments and no downtime, but make the physician’s job easier with no consumables. Product updates would not be complete without mentioning the exciting advancements in the rejuvenation sector. Today’s aesthetic physicians have the opportunity to offer patients multiple non-invasive treatments to tighten, tone and lift skin, in addition to topicals that improve skin quality or support post-procedure recovery. Reimagine platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with short, three-minute spin cycles and customizable concentrations. Read on to learn more and keep your practice on top of the technological paradigm shift in the aesthetic industry.

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