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Women in Aesthetics: Daisy Ayim, MD: Forging Her Own Path

By The Aesthetic GUIDE posted Feb 10, 2023 06:27 PM


Daisy Ayim, MD, has always been able to clearly see how women’s health, wellness and cosmetic care fit together. She is triple board certified in cosmetic surgery, facial cosmetic surgery, and obstetrics and gynecology – a combination that was heard of during her medical training more than 20 years ago.

“I had a vision for myself and my practice that involved these distinct specialties, but, when I sought advice on dual residency training, I was met with blank stares or flat out, ‘No, that is not possible,’” she explained. “My love interest at that time in my life was also completely unsupportive about women in surgery, and he basically gave me an ultimatum to choose him or my career.”

Although she was a woman entering a male-dominated specialty, Dr. Ayim did not consider gender important. “For me, personally, I do not think being a woman hindered or influenced my choices in life. Instead, I have been reminded of my womanhood when other people project their limitations or support on to me,” she shared. “I do not think along the lines of gender, race or religion as I pursue my dreams. My thought process is simply, ‘What do I want to do for myself?’”

While personal and professional resistance led Dr. Ayim to momentarily doubt herself, she soon realized she had the power to forge her own path. “My uncertainty led me to join a residency training program in general surgery with the intention to do a plastic surgery fellowship,” she noted. “But I had such a strong interest in women’s health that I later switched programs to obstetrics and gynecology, then completed a dual fellowship in facial and general cosmetic surgery.”

During her training, Dr. Ayim developed a simple mindset that kept her moving forward. “I learned early on to distance myself from anyone or any situation that did not add value to my vision,” she emphasized. “And I am ecstatic to have stayed on course. I love it here.”

The Business of Medicine

Born in the Republic of Cameroon, and later migrating to Texas, Dr. Ayim spent her formative years dreaming of owning her own business. When she immigrated to the U.S. as a teenager, her entrepreneurial spirit flourished, but her focus shifted. “My parents, like many immigrant parents, expected me to pursue science. They wanted me to become a physician. It was non-negotiable as they paid for my college tuition. So, I focused on how to merge my passion for business with a career in medicine.”

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