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How to Use the Power of Word of Mouth to Grow Your Aesthetic Practice

By Prime JOURNAL posted May 22, 2023 04:09 PM


How to Use the Power of Word of Mouth to Grow Your Aesthetic Practice

Dr. Ian Aguinaldo describes the steps to follow in order to implement an effective word-of-mouth marketing strategy.

Patients referred to your practice by family and friends are more likely to say yes to your treatments because of the power of word of mouth (WOM) marketing. It increases the closing ratio, decreases the external marketing cost, and grows your practice exponentially. 

Though WOM is important in our aesthetic practice, it seems that we are all guilty of not having a strategy for it. Many believe that when they do an exceptional job at delivering a treatment or exceeding the standard of care for a patient, this triggers patients to talk about them. But they are wrong. It is expected of you in the first place - a good service, an effective skincare product, results with no side-effects, or minimal to no downtime treatments. These are not triggering factors for your patients to talk about your practice to their friends. 

We also think that WOM is just placing money into advertisements, on Facebook ads or on magazines, but that’s not necessarily the right approach. If you think of your personal experience regarding how you learn about most products or services you purchased recently, whether it’s a movie or skincare product, you probably found out more from a friend rather than an ad. And if you did learn about it from an ad, you probably want to check out the reviews and a good recommendation from someone you know.

Advertising is good; it is great for broad awareness, but you can use word of mouth to get other people to talk about your practice without spending on advertising.
According to Nielsen, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family over any other type of advertising. Academic research into WOM has also proven its effectiveness in conversion.

Types of word of mouth marketing

Word of mouth marketing happens in two ways: organically and through the use of marketing and advertising campaigns.

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