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Addressing Consumer Pain Points Is Key to Aesthetics

By Prime JOURNAL posted May 17, 2023 02:32 PM


Addressing Consumer Pain Points Is Key to Aesthetics 

Business consultant Wendy Lewis offers an analysis of what makes patients tick. 

Savvy marketers spend a lot of time learning what their client’s pain points are so they can sell them more products and services. As consumers ourselves, we have all experienced this method practically every time we do a search for something we are interested in or actually make a purchase. Marketers work tirelessly to create clever ways to remind potential customers of a ‘problem’ they are most likely to be experiencing. The next step is to present solutions to manage that problem.
The consumer’s pain points could be anything they may encounter during the customer journey. In medical aesthetics, this may include product discovery, doing research online, checking out reviews, getting intel from friends, booking a consultation, experiencing a treatment, to signing up for a series of treatments, and so on. 
Think about how you shop online. You may be searching for something specific, or you could stumble on a product or treatment that catches your eye along the way and distracts you from your original mission. Continuing with the online shopping comparison, if you abandon your cart that might be where your journey ends. Thus, it is important to develop a strategy to drive potential clients back to their proverbial cart to finish the journey.

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