Perioral Myomodulation with Filler Injection

By Prime JOURNAL posted Apr 07, 2023 11:29 AM


Perioral Myomodulation with Filler Injection

Data on facial myodynamics have increased recently following reports of filler injection-based aesthetic interventions.

While fillers are used predominantly to address facial hollowing and bony deficits, and neurotoxins are typically used to facilitate muscle paralysis and prevent superficial laxity of the skin, both are difficult to administer with precision.This is particularly true of the highly complex but delicate perioral area where over twenty muscles insert into the modiolus and are involved in myomodulation. 

In this article, published exclusively in the latest issue of PRIME Journal, Tinchia Hsu, MD, and Yuchin Tsai, MD, devised an easy and approachable treatment plan for precise perioral rejuvenation through filler injection-based perioral myomodulation.

Their treatment incorporates three concepts of muscle dynamics: length-tension relationships, muscle pulley and lever systems, and functional muscle groups (synergists and antagonists). By enhancing the function of muscle synergists and inhibiting the muscle antagonists, the movement direction of the modiolus could be modulated with hyaluronic acid fillers and avoid the need for injections of neuromodulator, thus avoiding the potential for complications related to toxin diffusion in this mobile area.

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