Injectables: What next for fillers and toxins?

By Prime JOURNAL posted Mar 21, 2023 02:16 PM


Injectables: What next for fillers and toxins?

PRIME Journal has published the findings of a readership survey regarding their readerships thoughts on the state of the injectables market.  Among the answers, we found that the majority of our readers (75%) believe marketing has overtaken scientific rigor in the field of injectables. This is further corroborated by only 7% of readers believing injectable manufacturers should prioritize investing more in marketing, with almost half (49%) responding they believe prioritizing professional education to be the best investment injectable manufacturers can make.

This tells us physicians no longer want to be sold to; rather, they want to be shown the evidence of a product’s safety, efficacy, and reliability. Physicians tiring of the insistence of marketing over scientific rigor may be the reason why over 50% of respondents stated we no longer need any new botulinum toxin on the market. 

Our readers also pointed to the need for more clinical trials on the injectables currently available, as well as more regulation and better training.

The survey results have been published within our cover feature in this issue, ‘Injectables: what next for fillers and toxins.’ Written by journalist and content strategist Rosalind Hill, the article tracks the changing landscape of the injectables market over the last 20 years before exploring what technological advancements and trends are on the horizon

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