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Announcing AMS TV, short videos featuring your favorite Key Opinion Leaders

By - AMS posted Jun 05, 2023 05:07 PM


We are thrilled to bring back AMS TV, a series of short videos featuring your favorite Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)! 

We caught up with them at AMWC Monaco 2023 and asked to share favorite tips & tricks from their practice, opinions about trends in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine, their expertise on key medical aesthetic concepts, and some unscripted questions - just for fun. 

AMS TV is available for FREE to AMS members. 

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The series features four concepts: 


In this video format we ask our KOLs for their candid opinion about medical aesthetics, from the latest trends (or fads) to practice management challenges.
Questions include: 

  • What is one aesthetic trend you wish didn't exist?

  • What mistake did you make that you want to warn aspiring aesthetic doctors about?

  • What marketing strategy works best for you?


This is where the KOLs share their tried-and-tested tips & tricks from years of experience practicing medical aesthetics.
Some of the questions we ask are: 

  • How do you get the perfect lips with fillers?

  • What are the tricks to avoid overfilled cheeks? 

  • How do you use lasers for body shaping?


This series of videos aims to raise awareness on the practice of medical aesthetics. Our KOLs share expertise on aesthetic treatments, such as lipofilling, mesotherapy, retinol for skin care etc. 


In this format we asked our experts some informal questions - about their practice and not only! It’s a fun way to get to know both the person and specialist. 

Who is featured on AMS TV? 

Our interviewees are renowned aesthetic and anti-aging specialists from around the world and across specialties. 

They are physicians, keynote speakers, clinic owners and a few AMS Ambassadors, including:

  • Dr. Uliana Gout (Aesthetic Physician, UK),
  • Dr. Jesper Thulese (Oculoplastic Surgeon, Denmark),
  • Dr. Greg Williams (Hair Transplant Surgeon, UK),
  • Dr. Jennifer Pearlman (Aesthetic Physician, Canada),
  • Prof. Leonardo Marini (Dermatologist, Italy),
  • Dr. Joan Vandeputte (Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Belgium),
  • ...and many more!

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We hope you will enjoy AMS TV as much as we enjoyed making it. And that’s a wrap!

Do you have questions or thoughts about AMS TV? Leave us a comment!