Feature Article: How to avoid, recognise, and treat complications from periocular filler injections by Drs F. Bernardini and M. Hartestein

By - AMS posted Sep 27, 2021 03:26 PM


Francesco P. Bernardini, MD, and Morris Hartestein, MD, discuss the complex issues that can arise post-injection from the oculoplastic perspective

According to a recent statistic revealed by the American Society of Aesthetic Surgeons, in the past two decades, non-surgical procedures have increased by 186%. However, as injections are increasing in number and areas of the face they can be used, complications are expected to be on the rise. According to a different worldwide survey, the periocular area is the most requested area of treatment by patients and the second most recommended indication by treating physicians.

However, both physicians and patients refrain from a more widespread treatment for fear of visible complications that may alter the aesthetic of such a delicate area, namely lumps, irregularities, long-lasting oedema, and unnatural results.


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