Angel Faces to Receive Award at MCS 2021

By - AMS posted Aug 25, 2021 11:13 AM


The media tends to focus on elective cosmetic surgery and skincare, with procedures on the upswing. But reconstructive procedures, because of injury, congenital defects, or non-elective surgery, are a vital part of the medical aesthetics field. 

Angel Faces

Angel Faces


Lesia S. Cartelli, founder of Angel Faces and author of "Heart of Fire" will be in attendance to receive a donation to Angel Faces from the Miami Cosmetic Surgery (MCS) Conference on August 27th at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Cartelli founded the non-profit in 2003 to transform the lives of adolescent girls with severe permanent scars and disfigurements from burn injuries and traumatic events. The donation will be given during the Passion Project Reception at 5:00pm.


Cartelli herself was seriously injured in a natural gas explosion when she was nine and credits the hard work and creativity of the medical aesthetics community in building back her health and self-esteem. She underwent numerous procedures with Dr. Ralph Millard of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital. She credits the plastic and reconstructive surgery community with changing her life and those of countless other women.

Steven Dayan, MD is a world-renowned facial plastic surgeon, professor, and researcher. Co-Chair of MCS, he states, "In addition to educating physicians and residents on the latest procedures in aesthetic medicine, we want to give back to those who go beyond our medical role to truly transform the lives of others in great need."

Adds Renato Saltz, MD, a globally-acclaimed plastic surgeon and Co-Chair of MCS, "This is not a marketing's a way that MCS is making a true contribution to humanity in times of the pandemic and beyond."

"We were all struck by Angel Faces' program and the passion and commitment Lesia S. Cartelli has demonstrated to helping these young girls and women," said Eileen Baird, Group Business Director of Medical Aesthetics at Informa Markets, "It's an honor to be able to contribute to advancing their mission."

Cartelli adds, "This gift will enable us to continue to change lives. We operate nationally, and our retreats and year-round support network give girls and young women new hope for the future. And we will continue to help educate the medical community about the importance of their role in helping our 'angels.'"

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About Angel Faces

Angel Faces is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide healing retreats designed to inspire adolescent girls with severe facial disfigurement to achieve their optimal potential.