Transgender Woman Gets Largest Implants Ever Made Through Armpit

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 Episode Eleven of the Plastic Surgery Podcast hosted by Seattle plastic surgeon, Dr. Javad Sajan, features Dr. Sajan's patient, Kennedy Pridgen. Kennedy underwent an male to female gender affirming breast augmentation surgery with 800cc high profile silicone breast implants. Many surgeons would say that this surgery is impossible to perform through a transaxillary, or armpit, incision because of the size and type of breast implant Kennedy wanted.

Throughout the episode, Kennedy discusses coming to terms with her gender identity, experiencing rape as a teenager, coming out to her family, moving to Seattle, and medically transitioning. When she decided to undergo breast augmentation, many said that the procedure she wanted would be impossible. Dr. Sajan disagreed and told Kennedy that he could create the breasts she wanted without scarring on the chest.

Concerning her surgery, Dr. Sajan says during the episode, "You [Kennedy] wanted to go really big. And because you're ethnic like me, we didn't want to put a scar on your chest. So, we decided to go through the armpit. Now, most doctors say you can't do more than 300ccs through the armpit...We did 800ccs high profile through the armpit under the muscle. And the reason that's so hard is when you make the space for the implant, it has to be perfect."

Dr. Sajan was recommended to Kennedy multiple times and she eventually ended up creating a GoFundMe to get the money for her gender affirming breast augmentation. Tune in to the full episode to find out more about Kennedy's journey, how she raised the money, and the unique challenges of her surgery.

About Plastic Surgeon Podcast: The Plastic Surgeon Podcast was created by top Seattle plastic surgeon, Dr. Javad Sajan who is world renowned for his skill and specialization in transgender surgeries. Dr. Sajan regularly performs many transgender procedures including MTF breast augmentation, FTM top surgery, and tracheal shave in his Seattle plastic surgery clinic, Allure Esthetic. You can find Plastic Surgeon Podcast on all major podcast platforms:





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