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By - AMS posted May 28, 2020 09:00 AM


Mini-Invasive Treatment Complications​​​​​​

With Dr. George Sulamanidze, Dr. Albina Kajaia, Dr. Alberto Diaspro, and Dr. Matthieu Beustes-Stefanelli

George Sulamanidze, will share his experiences and expertise in thread lifting methods focusing on complications. He will provide an analysis of common mistakes, possible complications and how to solve them.
Albina Kajaia will elucidate the complications that derive from dermal fillers including methods of treatment and prevention. Dr. Kajaia will cover all types of complications from temporary side effects, to cases that require the intervention of a group of doctors.
Alberto Diaspro will focus on practical advice on the management and prevention of complications that arise from mini-invasive treatment with threads.
Matthieu Beustes-Stefanelli’s presentation will address an advanced understanding of anatomy to prevent and treat severe complications.