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By - AMS posted May 14, 2020 06:00 PM


Thriving in Chaos

Hosted by: Dr Steven Dayan and Dr Renato Saltz

Join Dr. Steven Dayan and Dr. Renato Saltz as they host this 10+ Speakers debate on the future of Aesthetic Practices. How Covid-19 has changed us? How the pandemic has affected Aesthetic Practices worldwide? And more...


Invited Panelists

  • Dr. Paul Nassif (Facial Plastic Surgeon, CA, USA)
  • Dr. Heidi A. Waldorf (Dermatologist, NY, USA)
  • Dr. Nazim Cerkes (Plastic Surgeon, Turkey)
  • Dr. Sabrina Fabi (Dermatologist, CA, USA)
  • Dr. Sheila Nazarian (Plastic Surgeon, CA, USA)
  • Dr. Robert Singer (Plastic Surgeon, CA, USA)
  • Dr. Ava Shamban (Dermatologist, CA, USA)
  • Dr. Tingsong Lim (Aesthetics Practitioner, Malaysia)
  • Dr. Gianluca Campiglio (Plastic Surgeon, Italy)
  • Dr. Tatijana Pavicic (Dermatologist, Germany)
  • Dr. Lina Triana (Plastic Surgeon, Colombia)



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